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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer you a 24 hour on-site quotation on all your commercial and household appliances. Are Your Appliances Not Performing Correctly? Call Our Experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send someone out to our premises?

We dispatch technicians to your premises, they will will assess your unit and provide you with a quote.

What is your labour charge?

We charge a standard labour fee starting from R450 an hour.

Do you fix appliance on-site

We do fix your appliance on-site. There are rare occasions where we would reschedule, if we need to contact our supplier for any additional parts required.

Do you provide any guarantees?

All the work done by our technicians has a 6 month guarantee. Keep in mind your guarantee falls away, should your unit be assessed by someone else during the guarantee period

Do you charge call-out fees?

We do charge a once off call-out fee, the price of the call-out is determined by which area you are situated in. We do charge a standard assessment of R675 for commercial clients and agencies.

Do you still need to pay the call-out fee after we recieved the qoute from the technician?

The call-out fee is a fixed amount, and needs to paid once the technician arrives at your premises.

Do you supply a quote before technicians are dispatched to my location?

We do supply quotes via our website, we require the model number of your appliance, as well as the components required. Keep in mind the quote will be a rough estimate and is subject to change.

Do you offer a 24/hour service?

We provide a 24/hour service to commercial clients. We do offer an emergency service that starts from R795 and requires the call-out fee to be paid before a team is dispatched.

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